Vestal Volunteer Emergency Squad, Inc.


Prior to 1976, emergency services in Vestal were delivered by the Vestal Police Department. Terry Beishline foresaw the need for a volunteer emergency squad that could deliver skilled patient care. He, along with five others, Rich Williams, Dave Bennett, Brian Mather, and Chuck & Cheryl Greene, founded what has since been known as the Vestal Volunteer Emergency Squad.

Each founding member was in charge of a specific subject area to be researched, such as: training and recruitment, communications, exploring ambulance types, and recruiting volunteers. It was determined that at least 80 people would be needed to run a full-time ambulance service. Over 120 residents responded from a variety of backgrounds to become original members.

Training courses were developed and implemented and VVES received NYS certification on April 1, 1976; we were officially open for service. In January 1976, an Emergency Medical Technician course was offered for VVES members, and by October 1977 we had 90 EMT’s, 30 IV Technicians, 8 Cardiac Care Technicians, and 100 total members certified in CPR.

The Union Volunteer Emergency Squad played a key role in the start up of VVES’ Heartmobile. With training and support provided by UVES, Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians III from Vestal could now offer Advanced Life Support services to the community in the form of a Heartmobile.