Vestal Volunteer Emergency Squad, Inc.


In Memory

This page is dedicated to the memory of those who served in our squad and improved the quality of our community.

1993, Bob Rutherford
1994, Derald Hill
2001, Nell West
2003, Vince Thayne
2003, Roseann Kane Bomysoad, former President
2003, Inez Stewart, Charter Member
2004, Dayton Stoss, former Chief
2005, Betty Bartlow, former Lt and Squad Historian
2006, Fin Wright
2006, John Potochniak, former Lt and Assist Chief
2010, Kathy Dibble, Charter Member
2011, Joanna Purdy-Thornton Founding Squad Member
2011, Randy Tewksbury former Board Member
2012, Darcy Gottschall former Board Member